Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The wonderful world of ignoring Facebook

It's been building for a while. People complaining about FB and how they are going to leave the social clutter of Facebook. Nobody has left Facebook. For me lately, it's been complete fucking morons that lack any sort of compassion  what so ever to say......a story of trans kid killing themselves. Reading the hateful comments with said story is enough to just say no to FB for a while or maybe more of than just a while. I figure I'll blog here and leave my email over there if anyone wants to get a hold of me.

Why not. It's like when I quite drinking. Nothing bad has come from not drinking! Getting off Facebook, I assume, could have similar results. I do thing FB is an addicting to minds like myself. I some times just stop myself and sit and wonder why I'm posting all the time.  I post about music mostly, but I get in the political ring as well. And, I get bummed out easily with all the bad news threat reaches me via FB.

It's time for a change. I can write here. Post pictures and check my email for other contacts from the people of Terra Firma.

So please, let me get rolling here and we'll see what we can do with it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's late February. That means I have 2 solid months to get my series of work done before my solo show down at the Eugene Piano Academy. It's not quite panic mode yet, I have about 1/2 the work finished....March and April will be really busy. I was actually hoping to spend April in a friend's metal studio learning and creating a metal piece for the show. We'll see what needs to be done once April rolls around.

In other news, I managed to deactivate my Facebook page as to begin a new one. I do this every few years just to start anew. I am shooting for a more art-based approach with the new page, thus leaving all the nagging and bitching about life behind. I get freaked out sometimes when I realize what I typed up on Facebook....stuff my shrink would love to hear, but might not be suitable for the old 'Book.

So, here is to new beginnings! Go forward...move ahead------------------->

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Feeling

                             The name of this song is New Feeling, that's what it's about....

On heavy rotation at my house is basically the entire catalog of the Talking Heads.
What an infectious groove this band put out! The music stands the test of time and will continue to do so long after I'm gone! I did realize that my Talking Heads vinyl needs replacing. Lots of pops, clicks, and a few skips probably due to extensive and careless drunken music marathons.

I can also admit to being totally taken by the new Soundgarden LP "King Animal" They have been away too long! The band picks up right where they left off in the late 90's, making another flawless record(in my humble and biased opinion). Go to your local record store and pick this one up and play it loud! All in all, it's a refreshing sound among the youth driven synth/computer...drum and Guitar bands that seem to be enjoying a run on the scene as of late.

I can also speak highly of Lee Ranaldo's latest, "Between the Times and the Tides.
This is the only solo release from Lee that I have in the collection.....which surprises me...
I have most of the Sonic Youth catalog and even some solo Thurston Moore, looks like I have to get busy with Ranaldo's work. If his older records are anything like his latest release, I'll puttem' on my list!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Modern Mono and Sunday Coffee Podcasts!

Punk, Ska, New Wave, Post Punk, and Reggae can be found right here:

  1. One Step Beyond- Madness
  2. Surfin With Steve And E.D. Amin- Helen Keller
  3. Community Lie- Saccharine Trust
  4.  Lifetime Problems- The Dicks
  5. Obsessed With You- X-Ray Spex
  6. Have The Time- The Slackers
  7. No More Heroes- Stranglers
  8. Pain Street- The Willard
  9. The Young Ones- Angelic Upstarts
  10. Natty Dreadlocks 'Pon The Mountain Top- Bad Brains
  11. Who am I ? -Gang Of Four
  12. Belfast -The Celibate Rifles
  13. El Espectro -Scratch Acid
  14. Bad Kids- The Black Lips
  15. Cut The Mullet- Wesley Willis
  16. Out On My Own- Romeo Void
  17. So Fuck It- Mission Of Burma
  18. I Threw A Brick Through A Window- U2
  19. The X- Blood On The Wall
  20. Down- Jawbreaker
  21. Gainer- Bluetip
  22. Concerned Citizen - 45 Grave
  23. Twilight Stock Replacer- The Fall
  24. Cachita- Ska Cubano
  25. I Hate To Dance- Lightning Beat-Man
  26. Marry It -Rhino 39
  27. Life Won't Wait- Rancid
  28. The Need -The Instant
  29. Bananacuda- Naked Raygun
  30. Sucking Pig- The Ex
  31. False Face- Blades
  32. Too Much Paranoia- Devo
  33. Primitive- Killing Joke
  34. Respectable Street- XTC
  35. Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage- Killer Pussy
  36. Amerarockers- Scream

Want some chill to go with your coffee? Here ya go!

  1. Love Can Damage Your Health- Telepopmusik
  2. Ain't Got Nothin- Supreme Beings Of Leisure
  3. Blind My Mind- Flunk 
  4. Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)- Bonobo
  5. Fu-Yu- DJ Krush
  6. Hear Us Now -The Dining Rooms
  7. Stiff Jazz- Dzihan and Kamien
  8. Coming Out Of The Sky
  9. 1 Million Ways To Burn- Ursula Rucker
  10. Anything You Want- Afro-Mystik
  11. The Space Between- Zero 7/Tina Dico
  12. 33 Degrees- Thievery Corporation
  13. Numb- Portishead
  14. New Genious (Brother)- Gorillaz
  15. Higher Ground- Weekend Players
  16. Love- Jose James
  17. Sperl- Tosca
  18. Broken Memories- Dishop
  19. Epoca- Gotan- Project 
  20. Mary Shut The Garden Door- Donald Fagen
  21. Edge Of Blue- DJ Krush

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Modern Mono Punk Show Is UP..Get It!

Modern Mono for October 2012:

  1. Stranglehoid- UK Subs -Singles 1978-1982
  2. Gimme Sopor- Angry Samoans -The Unboxed Set
  3. David Hockney's Diary- Television Personalities -They Could Have Been Bigger Than the Beatles
  4. Misguided Missile Mouth -E-13- No Mercy For Swine
  5. Insecurities- The Gits -Frenching the Bully (re-remixed and remastered)
  6. Beware The Weakling Lines- Yeah Yeah Noh -Fun On The Lawn Lawn Lawn
  7. Just Like Me- Adicts- Songs Of Praise
  8. Remote Control- The Clash -The Clash
  9. MPLA -Tapper Zukie -Rebel Music : Songs Of Protest And Insurrection
  10. I Believe In Anarchy- The Exploited -Singles Collection
  11. Danger! Danger! -Sonic Boom Six -The Ruff Guide to Genre Terrorism
  12. Best for You- Bad Religion -Suffer
  13. Not Now No Way- Pagans -Shit Street
  14. Walking On The Water (Album Version-) Richard Hell & The Voidoids- Blank Generation
  15. Mr. Marshall- Johnny Osbourne- Folly Ranking
  16. Man From Pakistan-The Flaming Lips- Hear It Is
  17. Stay -The Tree People -Guilt, Regret, And Embarrassment
  18. Sightsee M.C.! -Big Audio Dynamite- No. 10, Upping St.
  19. Soul Kitchen- X -Make the Music Go Bang!
  20. King Kong Brigade- OFF! -OFF!
  21. Paradise- The Loods- Stop Fuckin' Around
  22. Violent World -The Misfits- Walk Among Us
  23. Cab It Up!- The Fall- I Am Kurious Oranj
  24. Fuck you- Vomica -Vomica
  25. Food For Thought -UB40- Signing Off
  26. Friction [Alternate Version]- Television- Marquee Moon [Bonus Tracks]
  27. I Feel Mysterious Today- Wire -Chairs Missing
  28. All Around The World- The Jam- The Hit Parade
  29. Live Fast Die Young- Circle Jerks- Group Sex
  30. Rumors- Die Kreuzen -October File & Die Kreuzen
  31. Special Eyes -The Embarrassment -Heyday 1979-1983
  32. GET FREE -Scream- Complete Control Sessions
  33. The Explorer- D.R.I.- Dirty Rotten LP
  34. Uncertain -Operation Ivy- Seedy
  35. Over The Wall- Echo & The Bunnymen -Heaven Up Here
  36. Adversity -Subhumans- From The Cradle To The Grave
  37. Stupid World - Dayglo Abortions - Feed Us A Fetus

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I have a fondness for this time of the year. Seems like a little wind starts blowing around the end of September and picks up as October slides in to place. That wind brings certain smells, feelings, and memories for me. I also, usually... get a creative boost of some kind.

I recently finished a piece for a Tree themed show that opened yesterday. I'm pretty sure I like it. I call the piece Dwellers. A simple group of big headed fellas who live in the trees. They eat from the tree, drink from the tree, and hoot and holler from the tree.
I spent a lot of time in trees when I was a kid! I remember this amazing treehouse the older kids built around the corner from me. I was 5 years old at the time so I had to act tough and say a few curse words just to get a seat on an outer branch, but they let me in! After that I just started climbing trees of all shapes and sizes. I'd usually head for the top and then just sit there for and hour or so taking in the sights from above. I felt safe up there. Something about looking down on the world made me feel comforted.

Of all the trees I climbed with my friends and set up camp in, no bigger were the huge Fir trees about a block from my house. first we needed to nail in the step ladder one piece at a time until we got to the first branch. Then, we'd all scramble about 3/4 the way to the top and start nailing in seats. We could easily climb to the top from our base and take a bit of a ride when the wind blew......just holding on for dear life, but loving it all the same! As cool as this all was, the fun ended when I accidentally dropped my portable 8-track player on my friends head from about 10 feet up. Danny would always climb down first, look up and say, "READY"! I'd drop the music box and he'd catch it. It was this time when I thought he said ready and he took the 8-Track straight to his head. When people talk about things like this going in really does! After that, Danny and I couldn't play together and the blood trail to his house remained well into the winter. I continued to go up that Fir tree by myself, with my 8-Track, until we moved to Texas later that Summer. I still climbed trees, but got into sitting on the roof to escape the world. Give me a roof to perch on, or tree to sit in, and I'll do just fine! A true Dweller!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's been a long time since checking in here. As I write, I am waiting to be released from parent duty and set free on the country roads outside of Eugene. Just a 2 hour ride, that's all I need. As of late, I have been unable to ride due to rain, parental summer duties, and more rain. Don't get me wrong....I'm not complaining about the rain, the good rain, but the fact that my mental health relies heavily on pumping out the miles on my trusty Madone! Well, it's sunny out now and I'll be out the door soon! Back to that rain thingy...I'm grateful for our rain considering all the fires in my home state of Colorado running nutty and don't look to be controlled anytime soon.

On the art front of my reality, I'm plugging along on work for another group show at the Eugene Piano Academy in August. I have 4 large canvases and a bunch of small works with Oil Bar and beeswax.
I feel pretty good about the work. The last show at this venue was on a Saturday after first Friday...not my choice for opening dates, and needless to say it was a bomb. I hate nothing more that to stand around waiting for people to show up to an opening. Here's to a successful opening...on First Friday!

I'll try and update this blog more often than every 4 months! Cheers!